University of Northwest Europe

(TRansnational Initiative of Academics – Scientific Cooperation for Independent ENTrepreneurship, Integration and Advancement)

trialogoThe idea to create Tria Scientia came from an initiative of Academics and Senior Staff of the University of Northwest Europe as a contribution of UNorthwest’s commitment to the United Nations Academic Impact, of which UNorthwest is a member.

The Society is an international scientific and academic professional membership organization composed of members drawn from academe, society, industry and the professions, and other individuals or groups with a like-minded interest in the development of independent entrepreneurship. The Society has been organized as a nonprofit organization and is incorporated in the State of Minnesota, United States of America.

Tria Scientia is dedicated to the development, advancement and integration of independent and academic entrepreneurship through education, training and advocacy, especially with a view into contemporary needs and problems with due attention to the social change, the environment, economic and scientific progress, and the proper use of resources, in the best interest of an ethical human and economic development and of universal human values, progress, welfare and quality of life for a better intercultural integration and universal understanding through the promotion of best practices and provision of ethical services in the least restrictive manner possible

In its educational mission the Society is especially devoted to the advantage and benefit of social integration and welfare, with attention to the integration of special and disadvantaged groups and their possibilities to participate in life, socially and economically, enabling them to better realize their personal goals and objectives by assisting them through personal and need-based education and training to achieve their full potential and to share a climate of social responsibility.