University of Northwest Europe


It is the mission of the University to pursue science and research, to disseminate knowledge, open mind, cultivate character and equip each student for a life of leadership culture in a common sense of universal understanding. The University assumes that it is essential to offer educational opportunity within a context of free inquiry and academic integrity that encourages individual integrity and responsibility, and contributes to the resolution of intellectual challenges in accordance with social and ethical implications.


The purposes of the University are embodied in obligations to provide academic and professional programs through traditional on-campus and non-traditional methods, such as individual study, distance learning, blended learning or a combination thereof. Within this context UNorthwest is committed to:

  • provide means and methods to the adult learner for participation in lifelong learning
  • provide an open and flexible access to higher education through the recognition of formal and informal learning experiences
  • provide intercultural competencies and knowledge to broaden mind and enable students to face the challenges of globalization and European integration
  • provide educational content and research in integration sciences in order to facilitate the process of human integration in a variety of societal and work environments
  • provide programs for a work and business culture that reflects equality between genders, races, ethnicities, different sexual orientations and the elimination of sources of discrimination