University of Northwest Europe

Campus based Learning

A hallmark of the U.N.W. education programs is the emphasis on the relational and collaborative  nature of learning. Among other didactic approaches, the University also cultivates a campus based learning ethos that embraces a highly stimulating learning experience, and cares for supportive relationships among students, faculty and staff. In order to achieve these goals and objectives Campus Facilities were planned and integrated in the University’s concept, and finally launched in the famous historical Abbey Rolduc, located in  Kerkrade, Netherlands. Here the University houses administrative offices as well as lecture and conference facilities. Complete room and board services for students are also available.

Distance Learning

The University also offers courses via Distance Learning which provides an opportunity for the adult learner to study and finish courses if they are unable to attend university due to work, family commitments, living in locations distant from the university or other reasons.

If you choose to complete courses or a whole program alternatively through distance learning methodology, DELP will be applied to your program. Distance education allows you to arrange your study around your work and family commitments. Your understanding of the subjects you are studying will be enhanced by access to online units, text books and other reference material. Support and communication between lecturers and students is available via email, online discussions and chat, telephone, and on campus intensive schools. The University provides web-based facilities which allow you to send questions, submit assignments, order library books, check your grades and access other resources..

Many Distance Education (DE) courses make use of the internet to deliver course work to your desktop. We will also offer some courses and programs in off-campus settings.

Guided Independent Study

Distance learning by Guided Independent Study (GIS) are self-paced courses offered via the Internet. Students enrolled in this format complete course requirements using materials available through university courses and guides offered online. Students have the option to complete these courses at their own pace.

The Guided Independent Study (G.I.S.) program offers students an opportunity to take coursework in a format different from the usual residential setting. G.I.S. course students study the same material as do regular students and complete and hand in home assignments, but are required on campus only to write course examinations. This format is often helpful for students whose work or other duty schedules make it inconvenient for them to attend regular, on-campus classes.

Guided Independent Study is also an opportunity for students to progress further in an area of study, a process, a topic or medium that is not otherwise available through the current  curriculum. This course, although supervised, by a faculty member, is predominantly left up to the student to meet all expected outcomes to the satisfaction of the overseeing instructor.

All GIS students are required to attend an orientation meeting at which course information and assignments will be distributed.