University of Northwest Europe

Policies, Rules and Regulations governing student life and conduct as well as other areas during a student’s association with the University of Northwest Europe are available after registration from the Administrative Office or included in the Student Handbook. The University has the following Policies available for its community:

Attendance Policy
Building Regulations
Data Protection Policy
Grievance Policy
Information Technology Use Policy
Intellectual Property Policy
Policy for Students with Disabilities
Use of Computers Policy
Website Policy
Student Rules of Conduct
Academic Integrity
Administrative Rules & Regulations
Student Handbook

Academic Rules & Regulations

University Statutes
Quality Assurance Policy
Course Evaluation Policy
UNorthwest Study Rules & Regulations
APEL Guidelines
Credential Evaluation Guide
Rules for Doctoral Study
Examination Rules & Regulations
UNorthwest Habilitation Regulations
Faculty Recruitment Guidelines
Faculty Handbook

Legal Force of Rules
The rules and regulations are based on the Statutes and Regulations to which U.N.W. is subject and on regulations of the Academic Authorities taken by virtue of the above. Any deviation from the rules is subject to the approval of the Academic Authorities.
Except where otherwise laid down expressly or by necessary implication, the General Rules where applicable, hold good for the individual as well.