University of Northwest Europe

Program Code UNE-COMMSC-16-03
Program Language English
Program Length 78 Weeks
Total Learning Hours 2750 Learning Hours
Program Level graduate advanced
Credits no credits assigned
Mode of Delivery Technology Enhanced Learning

The comprehensive Master of Science in Business Administration is an advanced academic program designed by our expert business academics for those people who are experienced business or management professionals. It consists of twelve modules taken by independent study and a final dissertation. The program will provide you with business and management skills and the opportunity to write a dissertation in an academic business or management field.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the MSc program is open to all applicants who have attained a Bachelor degree or an equivalent recognizable qualification or professional qualification plus at least 5 years of work experience.

The MSc program consists of

10 core courses and two elective courses and a final thesis which can be completed self-paced by independent study. All supporting materials will be delivered via distance learning methodology.

Course Examinations

Students will receive tests and/or assignments at the end of each course which will be supervised and graded by mentors. Mentoring support for organizational and study matters is provided from the University.

Final Examination

The final examination is a proctored examination taken by a commission established by the University. External examiners may be appointed. Final examination dates are offered 3 times a year at various locations.

Completion Requirements

Students will need to earn an average grade of C or better on each course in order to be admitted to the final examination of the University. The final average grade is calculated from course work average (60%), and the final Project (40%). The MSc degree course is comparable to 2750 learning hours, however, credit points will not be awarded in the program.

Program Duration

The total program can be completed in 18 – 24 months.


1st year
BASMSC 520 Managerial Accounting & Finance
BASMSC 521 Marketing
BASMSC 522 Organizational Behavior
BASMSC 523 Management
BASMSC 524 Business Law
BASMSC 525 Business Ethics

2nd year

ADVMSC 600 Organizational Design and Development
ADVMSC 601 Management Information Systems
ADVMSC 602 Management Control Systems
ADVMSC 603 Business Research
ADVMSC 604 Elective I
ADVMSC 605 Elective II

Elective Units

ADVMSC 610 Management Specializations
ADVNSC 620 Finance Specializations
ADVMSC 630 HRM Specializations
ADVMSC 640 Marketing Specializations


Upon successful completion all course requirements, a MSc Course Completion Certificate is awarded from UNorthwest, and upon successful submission of the final thesis, including successful pass of the final examination, the degree of Master of Science in Business Administration is awarded from Alliance International University.