University of Northwest Europe

The qualification program is obligatory for all applicants seeking admission into undergraduate and graduate study programs at the University of Northwest Europe. It is further available to all applicants who do not hold a first university degree or a comparable diploma. It provides for open access to the university without holding formal entrance qualifications.

During this process all prior qualifications, academic and/or professional are verified according to the European Qualifications Framework EQF which constitutes the reference framework for all National Qualification Frameworks of the single EU member states.

In conformity with the respective National Qualifications Framework, which is applicable for the classification of the national qualifications presented by a candidate, the assignments of the qualifications to a defined level of the framework are verified and documented.

In case of non EU qualifications, the credentials presented by a candidate will be assessed and evaluated in conformity with available information and resources in cooperation with specialized credential evaluation services. (official networks like NARIC, UNESCO,and other international or national services, and credential evaluation agencies) The result of the verification and the assignment comparable to an EQF level will then be classified anddocumented.

Certificate of Qualification

Upon completion of the validation program, UNorthwest will issue a Certificate of Qualification, which is the formal document for admission into all undergraduate and graduate study programs at this institution.

Important Notice:

A professional qualification assigned to EQF / NQF level 6 (first university degree  “Bachelor”) is equivalent to Bachelor level, but not homogeneous. That means that you have not “earned” an authentic Bachelor degree, nor have you been awarded a Bachelor degree. If this is the case, you will need to earna further portion of 60 ECTS in order to complete original undergraduate degree requirements in order to achieve Bachelor degree level.