University of Northwest Europe

The Ph.D. program in Economics

The Technical University of Qstrava, Faculty of Economics, through its Institute of Doctoral Studies and MBA is offering studies leading to the award of the “Doctor of Philosophy” in five selective concentrations:

Business Administration and Management
Public Economics and Administration
Systems Engineering and Informatics

The program is accredited and may be offered to international students in English, the specialization “Business Administration and Management” is also offered in German.

On the basis of an agreement signed between both institutions the University of Northwest Europe acts as an Agency on behalf of the Faculty of Economics, and is authorized to offer the Ph.D. program to international students from Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Switzerland etc.

The program is operated according to the rules and regulations of TUO either fully or partly at Kerkrade or Ostrava as approved by TUO which will nominate and approve Co-supervisory staff from UNorthwest faculty in accordance with Czech Rules and Regulations. Furthermore, the approved UNorthwest staff will render auxiliary services, consulting, and organizational coaching as might be required to support doctoral students.

For detailed information as to
Doctoral study program
Study from
Progress and control
Thesis defense
Fee structure

Please contact the Administrative Office.

University of Northwest Europe
Program Director: Prof. Dr. H. O. Dollack
Heyendallaan 58
NL 6464 EP Kerkrade

Phone:  +31-(0)45-7113209
Fax:      +31-(0)45-7113340