University of Northwest Europe

At UNorthwest, we weigh education credentials as well as acquired practical skills in creating opportunities for students seeking admission to the University. College degrees, diplomas and other post-secondary accomplishments will be considered on an individual basis, to ensure that students transferring to UNorthwest are given the maximum value for their credits. To help you make the most of your previous educational experience, we have transfer policies and articulation agreements with other institutions, to expedite the credit transfer process. These agreements are designed to provide better student mobility among the partners through formal recognition of credits/programs at each institution.

The Institute is the central unit for all students seeking admission to the University. Within this process the Institute provides the following services for applicants.

Admission Certificate, AP(E)L, Assessment Center, Evaluation & Validation Services

Certificate of Qualification (University admission certificate)


For detailed information concerning program details please download the current Catalog
or call the Administrative Office 0031 (0)45-7113339.

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