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The Institute of Graduate Studies offers programs at undergraduate and graduate degree level which focus on the development of competencies that enable the graduate to be successful in his or her career in diverse cultural contexts.

The central philosophy, setting priorities in research and instruction, is the “integration-scientific study-model”, developed on the basis of behavioral cognition and modification. Derived from the roots of individual cultures, parameters are investigated as a pre-requisite for an optimized process of integration within new cultural environments and allied work-places.

Students shall receive an orientation in field- and practice-related education and training, thus to create inter-cultural integration easier through conscious behavior of autonomy, and to discover a new self-esteem for life- and work-environments within a different cultural setting. Additionally, the model of integration shall contribute to the analysis and perception of quality-conscious environments, and create thereby the entire complex of a healthy and socially complying environment through lifelong learning and sustainable development.

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