University of Northwest Europe

Research at UNorthwest is dedicated for contributing to the field of integration science in general and to support current and new research in the areas of intercultural studies and development, including research activities as continuous commitment to the core principles of the United Nations Academic Impact. UNorthwest organizes meetings with theoreticians, researchers, and practitioners in the areas of intercultural relations and related fields. It also supports research on the development of theoretical models and their practical applications in education, business, industry, and the professions.

The research projects conducted at UNorthwest aim to contribute to various intercultural issues, to inform about the results of research in intercultural development, to implement the findings of research for promoting the idea of intercultural relations in national as well as international public and work environments in order to support and accompany the development of demographic and societal change. Under the aspect that “the rate of learning must equal the rate of change” UNorthwest connects with educational institutions and organizations worldwide to promote the advancement of science and intercultural learning in international and multicultural settings.


Selected Projects